He is the prize in the Arena for 10 wins in a row for a week ending Sunday, February, 21-27 2011.

- He is also found in the Magical Flower, the Elder Tree and the light green coloured plant near the entrance where there is 2 trees surrounding it, remember he's on those exact plants, not the ones around them. Apparently there is a 2% chance to find him at the Magical Flower and 5% chance to find him at the ElderTree.

-He is currently in the gift shop for 500 gems or 100 Facebook Credits Hurry because the`re limited

You can find this guy "AROUND" the elder tree, good luck in searching!
-- Pulled from the forums. [1]

Type: Fire
Found in: Miscrian Forest
Based on: Volcanos


[hide]*1 Evolution


Evolution Stage 1: Blazebit

Description: Many adventurers like the rare Blazebit when a volcanic eruption is near, as that's one of the few times that they can be found easily.

Evolution Stage 2: Smolderon

Description: A menacing creature, Smolderon is one of the oldest Miscrits and has said to come from the very core of Miscria.

Evolution Stage 3: Grimstone

Description: Despite its scary appearance, Grimstone is actually very good-natured and sometimes accidently spits lava when it laughs.

Evolution Stage 4: Eruptacus

Description: Equipped with as much power as a small volcano, Eruptacus has been known to take down dozens of smaller foes single-handedly.


Health - Random

Elemental Attack - Random

Elemental Defense - Random

Physical Attack - Random

Physical Defense - Random

Speed - Random

Known Skills[3]EditEdit

Skill Name Attack Power Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Cinders 7 100% Enemy Damage Fire 1
Debaser -5 100% Enemy Defense Both 1
Poke 7 100% Enemy Damage Physical 4
Poison 5 90% Enemy Poison (3) Status 7
Bombard 7 95% Enemy Damage (x2) Fire 10
Tickle -8 95% Enemy Attack Both 13
Bash 15 90% Enemy Damage Physical 16
Confuse - 50% Enemy Confuse (2) Status 19
Brimstone 20 90% Enemy Damage Fire 22
Merlin's Beard 13 100% Self Attack Elemental 25
Thump 20 90% Enemy Damage Physical 28
Liquid Magma 25 90% Enemy Damage Fire 30


Evolution 1 Evolution 2
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Evolution 3 Evolution 4
[7]GrimstoneAdded by Youassassin [8]EruptacusAdded by Youassassin