Can only be found in the Gift Shop allegedly only for the week of March 21-27, 2011.
Only purchasable for 100 Facebook Credits, unless you have 99,999 Gems(which is impossible).

This miscrit was here because of the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan. Once purchased the money proceeds to Japan to Help them

Type: Lightning
Found in: Gift Shop
Based on: Koala


[hide]*1 Evolution


Evolution Stage 1: Arigato

Description: A symbol of love and friendship across Miscrian cultures, Arigato is one of the most universally adored Miscrits.

Evolution Stage 2: Cuddlebolt

Description: Cuddlebolt is powerful in battle, but will often snuggle up to sleep for several hours after fighting in order to recharge its energy.

Evolution Stage 3: Astranap

Description: Astranap spends much of its day eating. It has adapted to be able to eat nearly every plant that it finds on its route while traveling.

Evolution Stage 4: Dynamellow

Description: The static charges within Dynamellow's horns help to provide even more power to its lumbering headbutt attacks it is fond of performing.


Health - Moderate

Elemental Attack - Strong

Elemental Defense - Moderate

Physical Attack - Strong

Physical Defense - Moderate

Speed - Weak

Known Skills[3]EditEdit

Skill Name Attack Power Accuracy Target Effect Element Level
Toughen Up 5 100% Self Defense Both 1
Spark 7 100% Enemy Damage Lightning 1
Slap 7 100% Enemy Damage Physical 4
Bright Lights -10% 95% Enemy Accuracy Normal 7
Soft Strike 10 95% Enemy Damage Lightning 10
Impact 10 95% Enemy Damage Physical 13
Sleep - 50% Enemy Sleep (2) Sleep 16
Electrify 15 90% Enemy Damage Lightning 19
Debilitate -11 95% Enemy Defense Both 22
Hard Jab 20 90% Enemy Damage Physical 25
Hyper Power 11 90% Self Attack Both 28
Charged Charge 25 90% Enemy Damage Lightning 30


Evolution 1 Evolution 2
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Evolution 3 Evolution 4
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